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David - He Trusted in GOD 0    0

David - He Trusted in God - ENGLISH LANGUAGE -

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Prepare Your Heart For The Trials Ahead - 2013 Drama JW 0    0

You must watch this modern play contrasting current times, times to come and days of old. Trials ahead are closer that we can imagine.

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Caleb & Sophia: Jehovah Designed All Things Tagalog 0    0

Caleb & Sophia: Jehovah Designed All Things Tagalog ?Like and Share this Video? ?Subscribe? Official Website:

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Lesson 12: Caleb and Sophia Visit Bethel 0    0

What are some of the exciting things Caleb and Sophia see when they visit Bethel? What would you like to see when you come?

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Caleb y Sofia van a Betel (Lección 12) (HD) 0    0

¿Quiénes somos los testigos de Jehová? Somos personas de distintos países, culturas y lenguas que tenemos los mismos objetivos. Sobre todo, queremos honrar a Jehová, el Autor de la Biblia y el C...

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Lesson 1: Obey Your Parents 0    0

Why should we obey our parents? Watch as Caleb learns why this is important.

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Hazte amigo de Jehova//Caleb y Sofia//CAP. 3 0    0


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